We’re always happy to hear from you. We have lots going on at RMHCCF, hopefully the information here will help you to find the person or department you need.

For general inquiries

Send an email to us at charity@rmhccf.org. We will answer you as soon as we possibly can.

If you are a family looking to stay with us

Take a look at the section on how to stay. Any further questions can be answered by emailing Josh Hendrix our Program Director, or call him on (407) 206-0957 ext 113.

If you have questions about volunteering

Visit our volunteer section and find out about all we have to offer. If your question isn’t answered there you can email Chris Muszynski our Volunteer Manager, or call her on (407) 206-0957 ext 107.

If you want to donate to the charity

We have a secure donation form on the site. If you are unable to use the form for any reason you can email Barbara Gehrmann our Business Manager or call her on (407) 206-0957 ext 103 to arrange an alternative method of donation.

For other inquiries

Please visit our directors and staff page where the contact details of all of our staff are listed.